Guillermo Bert’s “Encoded Textiles.”

Nettrice Gaskins. “Bearden Revisited,” 2021. Created using deep learning software

Racial bias in the CG algorithm (left) from Theodore Kim’s SIGGRAPH 2021 talk

Nettrice Gaskins. “Atomic Dawg,” 2021. Created using deep image style transfer.

Primavera (spring) and the iterative loop in machine learning.

3D model created in Tinkercad based on Cold Sweat music visualization

Nettrice Gaskins. Grunge Queen, 2021. Creating using machine learning.

Nettrice Gaskins. “Afro-Lace,” 2019. Created using machine learning.

Yung Jake’s Emoji Self-Portrait

Nina Simone + Deep Dream

Nettrice Gaskins

Nettrice is a digital artist, academic, cultural critic and advocate of STEAM education.

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